Dr. CYJ Hair Filler In Benfleet

Dr. CYJ Hair Filler In Benfleet

Dr. CYJ Hair Filler treatment in Benfleet, Essex at Monika Advanced Aesthetics. Dr. CYJ Hair Filler is a product commonly used for hair restoration and treatment of hair loss. It is a type of injectable solution that contains various ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, biomimetic peptides, vitamins, and minerals.

The purpose of Dr. CYJ Hair Filler is to stimulate hair growth, improve hair quality, and reduce hair loss. The hyaluronic acid in the filler provides hydration and nourishment to the scalp, while the peptides and other ingredients work to stimulate hair follicles and promote new hair growth.

The treatment involves injecting the Dr. CYJ Hair Filler directly into the scalp in the areas of concern, typically through a series of small injections. 

The number of Dr. CYJ Hair Filler sessions needed can vary depending on several factors, including the extent of hair loss, individual response to the treatment, and the desired outcome. Typically, multiple treatment sessions are required to achieve optimal results.

Remember that hair restoration treatments are a gradual process, and results may take time to become noticeable. It’s essential to follow the guidance and attend all recommended sessions to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.


A course of 4 sessions £400

Maintenance treatment £110